FAA Hospitality

FAA Hospitality is fully dedicated to professionals in hospitality industry including Hotel, Residence, Restaurant, Corporate & Business Dining, Convention & Conference Centers and Catering Services.

Established in 2021 FAA Hospitality has quickly established itself as an essential player within Jakarta’s hospitality industry.

Our aim is visioning to be a leading Indonesia company within our areas of operations including Hotel Management, Food & Beverage Management, Project Management Consulting, HR & Recruiting

In an ever competitive landscape, trust the expert and independent consultants that deliver solutions that respect your creativity, unique needs, sustainability goals and budget.

What We Do

Our operational and management experience enables us to conduct business centered and eye opener diagnosis which are designed tohelp you making swift, documented and profitable decisions.

Our Practice Areas

Hotel, Residence, Restaurant, Corporate & Business Dining, Convention & Conference Centers, Catering Services

Operation & Business Analysis

Benchmark, Competition Survey, Positioning, Quality and Financial Performance Audit

Trend Report

Design, Latest Trend, Marketing, Operating models

Development Strategy

Study and Recommendations on Improvement, Focus Points and Ongoing Strategy


We at FAA Hospitality holds a vision towards maintaining excellence in Integrated Solutions for the Hospitality projects, through Honesty, Integrity & Transparency providing valued added services to our clients, ensuring high standards of quality every time.


FAA Hospitality aims to be the leading consultant company that focus on Result Oriented, Cost Effective and Project Specific solutions to our Clients for various Nature, Complexity and Magnitude of projects resulting in the maximum benefit realizations to client.


Values represent the core guiding philosophy at FAA Hospitality. Our Values are Integrity, Work Ethic, Social Responsibility and Respect and they act as a compass for our behavior towards our business partners, stakeholders and determine the overall functioning of the business. Our Values are embedded in our culture, form our code of conduct and determine the way we do business, both internally andexternally.


We are a team of experts that works on striking projects with great effort.

FAA Hospitality is dedicated to source the most experienced, dynamic and versatile hospitality professionals, those who will add value to your Hospitality ventures  


Senior Hotel Executive


HR Professional


F&B and Culinary Expert


Finance, Accounting & Compliance Officer


Sales & Marketing Specialist