We are looking for a strong leader who will lead the opening of the very first five star resort in Lake Toba, Samosir.  Consist of 116 rooms and 12 villas, the resort is offering an #uniquenessonitsown, a beautiful, world class destination that honours it’s location, respects it’s people & delivers an immersive & inspiring experience for guests.


Strategic Management

1. The General Manager provides overall leadership, guidance, and direction to the hotel management team and strives to provide the highest quality in standards and services. Oversees all aspects of Property Management, including maximization of financial performance, guest satisfaction, and staff development. Responsible for the hiring, training and discipline of all hotel staff.

2. Preparation of all required budgets including budget for Operating supplies and Equipment, budget of pre-association to the systems and supports provided by the Hotel Operator or brand owner, budget for the pre-conversion to the brand agreed by the Company, annual Capital Expenditure plans, business plan and Sales & Marketing plan, and annual operating budget to be reviewed and approved by Hotel Operator before submitted to the Company.

3. Perform all departmental functions to achieve the targeted financial performance.

Management Services

General Manager is responsible for management of the hotel including operating, supervising, directing and controlling of the hotel including the entire support systems already in place and operations that include, marketing and sales, finance, human resources and food & beverage all of which will be reported on the performance and management to the Hotel Operator.
With due observance of the terms and conditions of your employment agreement, General Manager job descriptions must include, among others, the followings:

1. Supervision, direction and control of the rental of guest rooms, the business of the Food and Beverage, and other ancillary business including rental of other commercial spaces at the Hotel.

2. Planning, initiative, supervision and control of the Hotel’s repair as reasonably necessary for proper maintenance and operation of the Hotel in accordance with the set standards from Hotel Operator;

3. Carry out negotiations and execute leases, licenses and concessions for shops, offices, lobbies or other spaces in the Hotel and reported to Hotel Operator and BOD of the Company;

4. Determination of the whole pricing strategy and structure (including, as reasonable in practice in hospitality business, granting rebates, yield management and discounts or free accommodation, service consumption or other services in accordance with the Hotel Operator’s policy and, in connection therewith, supervision, direction and control of billing, receipt and receipt of receipts for all services or revenues from operating the Hotel in any form;

5. Surveillance and control activities of guests, tenants, concessionaires and holders of privilege and employees, including the disenfranchisement of guests, tenants or concessionaires for whatever reason deemed reasonable in the Hotel’s business practices;

6. Installation and storage of appropriate control books and accounts, to be kept in accordance with the Uniform Systems of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, with acceptance or amendment as necessary to comply with all applicable laws and regulations;

7. Planning, negotiation, preparation and execution of contracts with any party for advertising and promotional programs of the Hotel;

8. Design and selection of equipment used in connection with communication and data processing systems for the Hotels;

9. Giving advice to the Company in connection with the execution of public relations activities for hotel.

10. Recommendation of consultants or technical experts and specialists, for the implementation of services related to maintenance or operation of hotels;

11. Take all actions as necessary to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, orders and requirements from authorized government agencies, commissions, councils and departmental offices that have the authority in all matters relating to the use, management and operation of hotels, including to obtain and take care of all permits required by the Hotel;

12. In general, implementation, supervision, direction and control all actions required in connection with the operation of hotels with good manner, including but not limited to carry out all payments and reimbursements, as deemed necessary and reasonable by the Operator; and

13. Take all actions as necessary to comply with all standards and requirements of the franchisor brand appointed by the Company.

Specific Services:

1. The General Manager will convey to Hotel Operator, within a period of 5 (five) calendar days from the end of each month:
a. profit and loss statement that shows the results of hotel financial performance and operation and all relevant operating statistics for the previous month including Total Revenue, Departmental Expenses F&B, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Deductions, and Gross Operating Profits for the month period; and
b. the Hotel balance sheet at the end of the month, all of which must be signed by the general manager or financial controller of the Hotel
c. Food and Beverages report.

2. General Manager will submit 3 months Hotel forecast.

3. General Manager will report to the Company on the usage and requirement of the systems support for the successful Hotel management and operation including but not limited to the following:
a. Property Management System and Reservation System;
b. material and supplies management;
c. general ledger;
d. accounting;
e. billing;
f. Hotel guest history;
g. back-office accounting system;
h. information, technology, internet, pabx and call accounting system;
i. point of sale system;
j. purchasing and cost control systems; and
k. human resource system.

4. Keep on advising the Company on the main policies affecting the operation of the hotel.

1. Meets and greets customers on a regular basis

2. Deal with customer complaints, comments on the spot before posted online

3. Ensures that all events and conferences are run smoothly

Team Management

1. Lead by example, and strategize the management team and partner with the hotel operator leadership team to provide value-added insight into the business.

2. Is the ultimate responsible for recruiting, training and monitoring staff; as well as work schedules for individuals and teams. Establishes and maintains a pro-active human resources function to ensure employee motivation, training and development, wage and benefits administration, and compliance with established labour regulations. Directly responsible for his/her employees evolution and career

3. Utilize emotional intelligence when interacting and communicating with all levels of employees and leadership.

4. Provide coaching and counselling especially to the hotel’s senior management team.


1. Maintain knowledge of progressive hotel’s practices and key trends.

2. Maintain an awareness of hotel’s competitor activities and best practices.

3. Ensures compliance with licensing laws, health and safety and other statutory regulations.

4. Ensures good safety practices of employees and guests, assisting in the maintenance of proper emergency and security procedures.


1. Delivers quick & efficient service.

2. Shows commitment & dedication to people regardless of rank and condition.

3. Create an inspiring team environment with open communication culture.

4. Listen to team members feedback and resolve any conflict.

5. Contributes to the team with new ideas and projects.

6. Set deadlines and delivers consistent service even under pressure.

7. Encourage creativity and risk-taking.

8. Takes appropriate initiatives to solve a problem and finds own solution.





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